Tortuga Rum Cakes Ltd.

Tortuga Rum Cakes Ltd. is an internationally known company famous for manufacturing rum cakes and other products such as sweet treats, coffees and hot sauces.

We assisted in the redesign of Tortuga’s new website and their new Amazon shop by creating content such as website banners and capturing individual product photography. We conducted a three-day photoshoot featuring individual products against white backgrounds, products featuring props as well as lifestyle photos in order to have enough content to populate both platforms.

We created and launched the Tortuga Rum Cakes Cayman instagram, posting all unique content to engage with the community. We were able to organically gain a large following over a short amount of time through interactive and engaging weekly posts. We utilized marketing tools such as influencer marketing as well as sponsored ads to target local and international audiences interested in the product.  

Graphic design, photography & videography

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