Tahu Resto Bar

Tahu Resto & Bar is a local, Spanish tapas themed restaurant located in the heart of Seven Mile Beach. 

Despite its optimal location, Tahu struggled with getting customers through the door. First we created a responsive website that was optimized for Google. We populated their site with all new content, photography and videography. 

We also took over their social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and populated the accounts with appealing content. In just four short months, we were able to bring their Instagram following from 150, to 500. We took their Facebook from 350 likes to 550 likes. 

All of this combined with editing Tahu’s TripAdvisor, we were able to transform the restaurants’ overall online presence. 

Online Presence

We were able to get Tahu from not appearing on Google at all, to being placed at the top of Google search for Spanish tapas in Cayman. 

When we began, Tahu were listed under the wrong location in the Cayman Islands. Instead of Seven Mile Beach, they were located in West Bay. This seriously inhibited their ability to be found by tourists on TripAdvisor. When we began, their TripAdvisor had 10 reviews. Today, Tahu have 29 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. 

Brand promotion and events

We were able to promote monthly events around seasonal and timely dates such as International Women’s Day in March and Valentines Day in February. 

These events proved to be extremely successful and with the help of social media ads, we were able to both spread awareness for Tahu and attract new customers based on common interests.