Oceanfront Realty

Oceanfront Realty is a boutique style real estate firm based in, and focused entirely on, the Cayman Islands. They specialize in waterfront properties, in particular beach and canal front residences, for customers both near and far. 

Real estate videos have become extremely popular in the world of social media. They have proven to be effective when it comes to attracting potential buyers. As a result, agents are able to showcase the highlights of a home, without having to do a showing.

If a potential buyer is interested, they are able to contact the agent directly to set up a walk through of the house they have just seen a glimpse of. These videos should be no longer than a minute as the goal is not to achieve a virtual showing, but simply to showcase aspects that appeal to buyers.

Elements such as background music and smooth transition from room to room are just as important as the footage itself. Messy transitions can tarnish the entire video and poor music choice might distract from the selling points: the house.

Optimizing for Web and Social Media

Now that you have an amazing video, you need to make sure it will look just as amazing online and on social platforms. 

We provide quality videos that are optimized appropriately for the platforms you use most such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Ecay Trade.