Da Fish Shack

Da Fish Shack is a local restaurant and bar with a fun, laidback atmosphere.

We created a website for Da Fish Shack which, for any restaurant, is important. Customers are now able to go online to view their menu, see happy hour rates and call and contact. We populated the site with new photos to create an aesthetic appearance and a user-friendly interface.

The website is optimized for Google, making it easy to find and search for. It is also responsive for mobile view, as people are more likely to search and view websites on their mobile device.

It is also important as a restaurant to establish a social media presence in order to build and maintain a B2C relationship and keep customers engaged and interested.

Brand Identity

As an already well established Brand, we were able to take Da Fish Shack’s brand identity and build on it. We created “Da Sun Sets” as social media events to promote the DJ on Friday’s during Happy Hour. Our goal was to build online buzz and get more customers attending Friday happy hour.

By adding all new photography and videography for Da Fish Shack, we were able to give Da Fish Shack an online facelift. We took a popular restaurant and capitalized on the name, turning into a even more successful business.