Cayman Cricket Association

The Cayman Cricket Association is a non-profit organization aiming to spread awareness of cricket in Cayman through school collaborations, sporting events and programs. 

We currently run the social media accounts for Cayman Cricket, create unique content such as photography and videography and write biweekly blog posts. Blog posts reflect timely events such as games and programs. Blogs have become a  prevalent feature in the online world and are a great way to connect to the community. 

We use social media advertising to boost current events on Facebook and Instagram. We are able to target specific demographics who may be interested in attending a program or event, ensuring that the budget we spend on advertising goes a long way. 

By populating the social media accounts with photos and videos, we are able to engage Cayman Cricket’s following while also attracting more eyeballs to our posts.

What's Next?

We are in the processes of producing a promotional video for Cayman Cricket’s Mothers and Daughters Program. The video will feature the teams’ female coach, answering important questions in an interview-style setting.

We also plan to feature clips of girls and women playing cricket, as well as shots of the coach in action. The goal of this video is to convey an inspirational, women’s empowerment message that we can spread across social media.