Bodden Corporate Services

Bodden Corporate Services Limited (“BCSL”) are a full service corporate needs provider in the Cayman Islands. They are committed to assisting clients in all matters pertaining to immigration, company formation and trade and business. 

BCSL wanted a clean, functional, professional and aesthetically appealing website that showcased the services provided by the company. 

Our goal was to the create a user friendly website that would be easy to for clients to contact the company, learn more information and download useful files. 

We also added a “team” page, which is a great way to make the company feel more human by showing clients who work for the company and how to reach them.


We felt it was important to take new photos to show where the business is located, who the current staff are and that the company is located in the Cayman Islands. 

A picture says a thousand words, what will your photos say about your business?