Art by Elena B

Elena is an artist living in Grand Cayman, seeking to sell her paintings online.
Her artwork has been featured in galleries around Cayman including at the Ritz Carlton.

Branding & Content

As an artist, it is important for Elena to have a distinct brand and to post her content often on social media to gain awareness. For the branding, we wanted to capture something elegant and simple, so we used her signature to bring Elena’s identity to her art.

As the face of the brand, it was important to have lots of photos of the artist and her art. We conducted a photoshoot with various product shots to build her online portfolio of paintings. Each painting received the same treatment – a solo shot, a shot with the artist and a closeup shot. We also recorded video of the paintings 

Storefront Website & SEO

We designed and developed a storefront website with an online catalog featuring all of Elena’s paintings with multiple product shots. This website is an example of a partial eCommerce site, without payment gateway. Potential customers can browse products, learn about the paintings and contact the artist directly to purchase or request a commission. This website also features a detailed contact form and SEO to ensure her site is findable by art enthusiasts. 

Social Media Marketing

Utilizing the various product shots and video shoots, we created a posting strategy perfect for Elena and her area of business. As an artist, it is important to use visuals to entice potential customers. Posting the various angles of one painting is a great way for people to get an idea of what the painting will look like in person. 

We used our market research to sponsor and promote specific photos in order to gain awareness and build Elena’s following.