The Alex Panton Foundation

The Alex Panton Foundation in a local, non-profit organization whose goal is raise awareness of anxiety and depression in the Cayman Islands and provide support to parents, friends and those struggling.

We were able to make an aesthetic and functional website for The Alex Panton Foundation that would showcase their upcoming events, highlight important things they do in the community, a volunteer and sponsorship page for those interested in getting involved  and a clinical page with important information for those in need.

The website is optimized for Google, making it easy to find and search for. It is also responsive for mobile view, as people are more likely to search on their mobile device as oppose to their desktop. 

A functional website for a charity is important when it comes to sharing vital information and keeping in touch with the community.  

The Power of Social Media

It is so important to be active on social media. You can show your current followers you are active on social media by sharing, replying to comment sand messages, liking posts and sponsoring posts. We used all of these tactics when strategizing for social media. As a charity, APF need to engage the community on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to spread awareness and gain support. 

We were able to build APF’s following on both Instagram and Facebook. To date, APF’s IG followers have gone from 500 to over 1000 and their Facebook likes have grown from 750 to over 1000.

What's Next?

We are in the processes of putting together a video campaign for an upcoming collaboration between In-Style and the Alex Panton Foundation. Video campaigns are a great way to utilize creative tools to spread awarness.

Timing matters! Promotional videos should be no longer than one minute. The average attention span is from 7-10 seconds, where people decide whether they are going to continue watching a video or not. That’s a small time gap to fit in such a powerful message. Click back to this page in July 2019 to watch the promo video.